Lumber for Sale
Oak Lumber for SaleI usually keep a good supply of rough sawn, air-dried lumber for sale for those who prefer to purchase lumber rather than mill their own.  I try to keep several varieties of hardwood on hand including red oak, white oak, cherry, elm, etc.  Quarter-sawn oak is highly prized by woodworkers and we usually have plenty of that in stock as well.  I will typically have some other hardwood species availble depending on what I have been able to saw in the previous few months.  I saw a lot of southern yellow pine for construction lumber and I usually have a good supply of that as well.
Quarter-Sawn White Oak LumberMost of the lumber is cut 4/4 (1"thick) or 8/4 (2" thick) in widths from 4" to 16".  Lengths are typically 8 to 16 feet.  I keep some live edge (bark on) lumber for specialty woodworking projects and also try to keep a few thick slabs for mantle pieces, shelves, tables etc.
Please contact us for prices and availability.
Lumber for Sale
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