The following are guidelines for pricing our services.  Just contact us for a free estimate for any job, large or small.
Setup fee: $25.  If all your logs are in one location and I only have to set up once then this will be a one-time fee.  If I have to move the mill during the job, there will be a $25 charge for each setup
Milling fee: $0.25 per board foot of lumber produced, minimum $75.00.
This is my normal fee for sawing construction lumber or grade sawing hardwood.  For specialty sawing such as quartersawing or sawing lower quality logs, production rates will be lower and I will typically charge by the hour.  The hourly rate is $60/hr.
Travel charge: None if under 30 miles. If over 30 miles, there will be a charge of $1 per mile one way from my location (Colbert, GA).  This is a one time charge for each job. 
Blade damage: $25 per blade.  Blade damage is not a big deal.  It happens frequently, but the blades do cost money.  If I damage a blade due to metal or other foreign material in a log there will be a $25 charge.
Prep work: $60 per hour. "Prep work" are tasks that need to been done before we can mill the logs such as cleaning, trimming or moving logs etc.  You can minimize or eliminate these charges if you have these items taken care of before I arrive.
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