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Our Equipment
Wood-Mizer LT40SH SawmillOur sawmill  is a Wood-Mizer LT40HD Super Hydraulic bandmill, which is a portable mill which can be towed behind a pickup truck. It is capable of cutting logs up to 36" diameter and 21' long, and producing boards up to 24" wide. Since it uses a thin kerf band blade ("kerf" is the thickness of wood removed by the blade in the act of sawing) you end up with less waste and more useable lumber. 
Log handling is done with hydraulic controls, so once you get the logs next to the mill, the machine does the rest.  The 51 hp. Caterpillar diesel engine has the power to get through the toughest logs.
Wood-Mizer band mills are recognized in the industry as some of the best portable sawmills available.
Wood-Mizer EG200 EdgerIn addition to the sawmill, we also have a Wood-Mizer EG200 Twin Blade Edger.  The edger is used primarily to trim the edges on the boards that are taken from the outer cuts on the log.  These boards typically must be edged to remove the bark and to square up the edges of the boards.  This operation can be done on the sawmill, but for large jobs the edger speeds up the process considerably.  The edger can also be used to rip wide boards into uniformly sized narrower boards to meet the customers lumber size requirements.  This machine has a 26 hp. Caterpillar diesel engine. 
Sawmill and Edger
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