Broad River Mobile Sawmilling, LLC - Prices
The following are guidelines for pricing our services.  I can bring the mill to you or you can bring your logs to me.  The minimum charge for mobile jobs is $200 plus the $35 setup fee.  Just contact us for a free estimate for any job, large or small.
Setup fee: $35  If all your logs are in one location and I only have to set up once then this will be a one-time fee.  If I have to move the mill during the job, there will be a $35 charge for each setup
Milling fee (mobile jobs): $0.25 per board foot of lumber produced, for pine.  For hardwoods the price is $0.30 per board foot.  These are my normal fees for mobile sawing construction lumber or grade sawing hardwood.  For mobile jobs, the customer is required to provide labor to assist with getting logs on the mill and taking slabs and lumber off the mill.  A minimum of one helper is required, but if we are cutting thick or heavy boards it will require at least 2 helpers.  Also, if you plan to sticker the lumber as it comes off the mill, multiple helpers will be required. Because of the oppressive summer heat in Northeast Georgia we have made a decision that we will not do mobile jobs in the months of June, July and August.  We will saw logs at our location during those months if you want to bring them to us.

Milling fee (at our location):  $0.32 per board foot of lumber produced, for pine.  For hardwoods the price is $0.37 per board foot.  You may ask why it's more if you bring the logs here and drop them off for us to mill.   If we saw them here we will generally be providing all the labor and will have the expense of disposing of the slabs and sawdust.  If you, as the customer want to come while we are sawing your logs and provide labor to remove the slabs from the mill and stack your lumber, we will charge the same rate as mobile jobs but you have to be willing to work with our schedule.

Hourly Rate:  For specialty sawing such as quartersawing or sawing lower quality logs, production rates will be lower and I will typically charge by the hour.  Red cedar is almost always charged at the hourly rate.  The hourly rate is $70/hr.
Travel charge: None if under 30 miles. If over 30 miles, there will be a charge of $1 per mile one way from my location (Colbert, GA). This is a one time charge for each job.  Currently, because of demand for our services, I am only accepting jobs within 30 miles from my location.
Blade damage: $25 per blade.  Blade damage is not a big deal.  It happens frequently, but the blades do cost money.  If I damage a blade due to metal or other foreign material in a log there will be a $25 charge.
Prep work: $70 per hour. "Prep work" are tasks that need to be done before we can mill the logs such as cleaning, trimming or moving logs etc.  You can minimize or eliminate these charges if you have these items taken care of before I arrive.
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